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Wendy Gordon

Founder & CEO

Wendy Gordon is the president and CEO of Flash Public Relations, one of DC’s most active boutique public relations and marketing agencies with a diverse client focus in the hospitality industry, the arts, nonprofits, corporate messaging, branding, luxury products, beauty, lifestyle, tech, finance, events and more.  She has worked in the public relations industry for over 20 years.  Her experience in the field through working at agencies, in-house, with retail markets and in the corporate environment has afforded her not only a thorough opportunity to participate in all aspects of her chosen field, but also to establish close and enduring working relationships with local, national and international media. Throughout her career, she has not only developed and implemented successful strategic public relations and marketing plans, but also acted as a consultant in concepts, collateral design and promotional events.

Most recently with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Marriott International as corporate director of food and beverage public relations, she has produced coverage for their restaurants and her current clients that have included not only numerous feature stories in major  market media throughout the United States and abroad.

Prior to establishing her company, Flash Public Relations, and her tenure with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, she worked at agencies in her hometown of Philadelphia and in New York. She has also worked on ‘the other side of the industry,’ as a freelance news and feature writer for a variety of print and online publications.

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